9 Secrets from the Makeup Counter

Before you agree to that "free makeover," make sure you know what you're in for

makeup counter free makeovers

Secret no. 2: That “free” makeover isn’t actually free

Let’s face it. If they’re this overprotective of their samples, what makes you think they’re actually going to give you a free makeover with no strings attached? Besides, makeup artists at counters work on commission. So even though they’ll do your makeup for free, you can bet they’re expecting you to buy the products.

In fact, one former counter makeup artist says “it’s not courteous to get a free makeover when you have no intention of buying.” Just something to keep in mind for the next time you’re passing a makeup counter and that nice lady asks you if you want a free makeover.

Of course, not all counters are the same. Click here to see which makeup counters are the most pushy — and which will let you get a makeover without any pressure to buy.