9 Secrets from the Makeup Counter

Before you agree to that "free makeover," make sure you know what you're in for

makeup counter refunds

Secret no. 3: It’s way easier to get a refund than you think

In case you do end up getting sucked into a makeover and buying a ton of stuff you don’t want, here’s a little secret: You can get a refund on almost any product. Yep, even if it’s been used or “tested” more than once.

Every store has a different return policy, but most big department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s are notorious for giving full refunds or store credit back for products. One salesperson says that Nordstrom’s policies are so lax that they were even giving cash back to a man they knew was stealing perfumes off the counter of the nearby Macy’s and “returning” them to Nordstrom. Why? Because “they didn’t want to make a scene in the store.”