8 Makeup Color Trends to Try

Orange, electric blue, fuchsia -- these makeup colors aren't just for the runway. Here's how to wear them everyday

orange eyeshadow

Orange on the Eyes

Orange has been everywhere the past several seasons, but if you’ve yet to give it a go, here’s why you should reconsider.

Orange hues make blue eyes pop, and they accentuate brown eyes, says Doud. Just keep in mind that orange eyeshadow makes a big statement, so don’t overdo the rest of your face. Instead stick with a creamy nude lipstick and a coral blush.

But before all that, you need to find the right hue for your skin tone. Check out these recommendations:

Fair skin tones: Doud suggests Make Up Forever Eyeshadow in Rust Orange, $19, since creamsicle hues look especially great on fair skin.

Medium skin tones: Look for an orange that features a pink hue, or an outright coral tone. The pros suggest Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Orange Coral Matte, $19.

Darker skin tones: To get an orange to stand out against to darker skin, you’ll need to wear a bright pop of color, like Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Tangerine, $19. According to Doud, “The key is to layer; start with a sheer application and add that bright pop of color onto the lid or into the crease and finish with a sweep of bronzer on your face for a sun-kissed glow.”