8 Makeup Color Trends to Try

Orange, electric blue, fuchsia -- these makeup colors aren't just for the runway. Here's how to wear them everyday

coral blush

Sunset Hues

We promise this is the last time you’ll hear us mention any type of orange — at least in this article. Coral-oranges in blush form are a great way to warm up your cheeks, but don’t go overboard. If this hue is on your cheeks, skip the lips and/or the eyes. To get the perfect coral flush, check out these recommendations, based on skin tone:

Fair skin tones:“A girl with fair skin can look like a jack o’ lantern if orange isn’t worn properly,” Maderich says. Aim for a cantaloupe hue, like Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Lush Nectarine, $24. And when it comes to application, Maderich says, “Make sure you apply just a whisper of it. Smile into the mirror and put a puff of the orange high on the apple of the cheek.”

Medium skin tones: Try a tangerine orange color on your cheeks, like Nars Blush in Taj Majal, $28. Just make sure to apply the blush with a big fluffy brush so that you only get a wash of it, says Maderich.

Darker skin tones: Go for a bold orange like Make Up Forever Powder Blush in Tangerine, $19.