Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup on the Go

There are girls who spend an entire hour on their makeup every morning, perfecting a smoky eye, lining their lips, and using 15 brushes to get it all done. If you’re one of those girls, this article isn’t for you. It’s for the lazy girls, like us, who don’t have the time or desire to spend a large chunk of time piling on the powder (and would rather do our makeup on the go). How do you know if you’re a lazy girl?

1. You hit the snooze button until you have five minutes left before you need to leave the house.

2. You instantly love any beauty product that can do 12 things at once.

3. You’ve put your makeup on in the car, a public restroom, or at your desk — more times than you can count.

If any of those statements sounded a tad too familiar, you’re officially a lazy girl. Congrats!

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Don’t get us wrong. Lazy girls still want to look their best every morning. They just have more important things to do, like sleep. This is where we come in. As fellow lazy girls, we know the pressures that come with doing your makeup on the go, or in minimal time. The good news is we found a bunch of products that are meant to help those of us with only nanoseconds to slap some makeup on.

And if you want even more lazy girl guidance (after you finish this story), check out our lazy girl’s guide to hair. Before you know it, everyone will be envious of your look, not realizing it took you less time than it took them to do just their eyeliner.