DIY Makeup Cocktails

I have the most perfect shade of blush. It’s a subtle pale pink that’s fun and girly. I love the hue so much that I wish it also came as a lipstick and a cream eyeshadow. Then I could do that oh-so-chic monochromatic look. But the company doesn’t make it, so what’s a girl to do? Easy, break out those DIY makeup skills of course.

OK, I admit it. I got some mad DIY skills. And when I stumble upon a problem like the one above, I try to finagle a solution using the things I have. With makeup, that means pulling out all my lotions, powders, glosses, and balms and creating my own makeup recipe.

Check out the top seven DIY makeup cocktails.

Of course, this is nothing new. Makeup artists have been making their own concoctions since the beginning of (makeup artist) time. “Mixing makeup creates a one-of-a-kind tone and texture that you can keep tweaking until you find what works best for your skin and complexion,” explains makeup artist Jeffrey Paul. “Plus, it’s the best way to adjust the depth, brilliance, and sheen of your products.”

I’ve complied some of the best DIY makeup cocktails around, and checked in with the pros for their own makeup secrets. If you’re not a DIY person, no worries! These mixtures only involve two products, so it can’t get any simpler. And if you need an additional reason to try these makeup recipes, just think of all the cash you’ll save by using things you actually already own.

Click ahead for the top seven DIY makeup cocktails.