Back-to-School Beauty Essentials

Stationery nerd alert: There’s something so much fun about going to Staples a few weeks before college and loading up on folders, lined paper, and Sharpie pens. Sure, you may not be particularly pumped about using them, but everybody loves a school supplies shopping spree (don’t they?). But if you want to take that joy and multiply it by 100, keep reading because the kind of back-to-school supplies we’ve got in mind are a lot more exciting than a pack of Post-it notes.

Click here to see our college beauty checklist.

We’ve rounded up the ultimate back-to-school beauty checklist, chock full of the products that will save you during college. Take it from us who learned the hard way, you don’t want to end up awkwardly carrying all your toiletries back and forth to the bathroom in a plastic grocery bag because you forgot to bring a shower caddy.

Same goes for the magical wonder that is dry shampoo (or getting wavy hair overnight); if we’d known about that during our college careers, there wouldn’t have been nearly as many bad hair days. Consider yourself lucky that you have this list of college essentials, and don’t forget to check it twice before you load up your Jetta.

OK, ready for some school supplies shopping? Keep clicking to see our college beauty checklist.