The DIY Nail Polish Challenge

“Parisian Sunset,” “Chitty Chitty Bling Bling,” and “Lick My Creamsicle.” What do these phrases have in common? They’re just some of the names from Beauty Riot’s first ever nail polish shade contest. And if those polish names are any indication, you can bet the colors are just as outrageous.

Here’s the deal: On a recent Friday, every girl from our office piled into the conference room. More than 100 shades of nail polish lined the counter. Pure pigments from some of the top makeup brands took over another area. And on the big table, bottles of clear coat, mixing bowls, and brushes were spread out. The goal? For each lady to make her own nail polish shade. (If you have office envy, we understand.)

Click here to see the DIY nail polish shades.

Shocker: It’s actually super easy to make your own nail polish. You can do it one of three ways. First, you can mix preexisting shades together until you get the color you want. Second, you can take pure pigments (like the powder used for eyeshadow), and mix them with a clear coat for instant polish. And finally, you can do both, mixing readymade shades with pure pigments. Simple, right?

With these easy instructions, the staff got down to business. In no time, new colors were born, hilarious polish names were being tossed around (maybe it was all those fumes), and fingernails got painted. And after all the DIY nail polishes were finished, we had everyone in the office — boys included — vote for their favorite. The winner received one of Ciate’s new velvet manicure sets. Lucky duck.

Click ahead to see the hues, get the exact formulas, and find out who won our first ever DIY nail polish shade contest.