Your After 8 P.M. Purse

I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty much a purse-packing pro. I’ve got it down to a science, and I could pack my bag for work in my sleep. But when it comes to going out at night, I never used to know what to bring. One time before a date I tried to fit a cordless curling iron into a tiny evening clutch (crazy, I know) … the clasp broke off and everything scattered to the ground. It was a mess and I was left desperately wishing for a Mary Poppins-esque expanding bag.

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My main problem: evening clutches are more glamorous and glittery than my day purses, but they’re also lower on space. And while enormous, stash-your-entire-life-in-them bags are perfectly acceptable during the day, they’re kinda awkward at night. So if you’re a notorious heavy packer too and don’t know what to bring in your clutch after 8 p.m., no worries. We’ve simplified things and created the ultimate guide to packing your evening purse.

Whether you’re going out dancing or to a baseball game, we’ve found the cutest purses and narrowed down the top MVPs (most valuable products) for each occasion.

Keep clicking to see our ultimate purse-packing guide.