Your After 8 P.M. Purse

It's the ultimate conundrum: You want to bring your essentials for a night out, but you don't want to lug around a giant purse. The solution: This guide to packing your evening clutch

Sporting Event

If you’re going to a game, you’ll want to bring a purse that can withstand some wear and tear. Opt for materials like faux leather or plastic — something that you don’t mind placing on the sticky, semi-gross stadium floor.

Whether you’re headed to a basketball or baseball game, don’t worry much about your makeup routine. Pull your hair up in a high pony with a cute hair tie, dab on some tinted lip gloss, and you’re all set. But don’t forget the hand sanitizer — sports games can get a little grimy.

The Essentials:

Emmi Jay Hair Ties, $6.50

Soap & Glory Antibacterial Hand Gel, $6.50

Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Balm, $9.50