9 Things to Love in September

You'll love this list of the best products coming out and fashion events happening in September 2012

9 Things to Love in September

(Somewhere in a conference room far, far away … at the weekly Beauty Junkie Anonymous meeting.)

New girl: Hello. I’m new, and I’m a beauty product junkie.

Everyone: Hi new girl.

New girl: It all started 10 years ago when I discovered my first sunless tanner. I loved that golden look so much that I had to try every product on the market to find the best one. Before I knew it, I was hoarding concealer, false eyelashes, blush … you name it. I knew I had a problem when my mom discovered my secret stash of nail polishes in my toilet tank.

Beauty Riot: We understand — but there’s an easier way.

New Girl: What do you mean?

Beauty Riot: Every month, we put together a list of the best new hair and beauty products. We even include fashion. All you need is the list. No more will you have to buy every newly released product in search of the greatest.

New Girl: But how do you know these are the best?

Beauty Riot: They are editor-approved and tested.

New Girl: Where’s the list? Someone please help me!

Beauty Riot: All you have to do is turn the page …