Rebel Looks for Fall 2013

We've got the inside scoop from the pros on what trends to try this fall

Cherry Bomb

OK I know you’re thinking: “Red lips aren’t new!” Yes, we know. But did you really think they’d be left out? What’s fall without red lips? Anyway, we promise this isn’t the red lipstick look you’re used to seeing. For starters, the focus primarily is on the lip itself (no blush or bronzer needed). MAC says this year the trend is to pair red lips with a pale complexion.

The texture of this season’s red lip is also a little different. Joanna Schlip, celebrity makeup artist with Physicians Formula, says it’s “like a liquid lipstick” — not a typical matte finish but also not drenched in gloss. Instead, these fall lips sort of give off a sexy patent leather texture, which definitely makes for a daring twist to the classic look.

If you’re craving intensity, Nadine says to try “a vibrant cherry red center, wine-colored corners [use lipliner], and top with clear gloss to bring it to life.”