Rebel Looks for Fall 2013

We've got the inside scoop from the pros on what trends to try this fall

Bolder is Better

Thick, bold, a-la-Brooke-Shields brows were huge on the runway this year, and will be even bigger this fall. The best part about this trend is that it’ll save you a few trips to the threading salon. However, minimal upkeep is still required. If you’ve already got that full brow shape, you’re almost set. To perfect those caterpillars, the Maybelline Fashion Week makeup team says, “Nothing keeps brows looking meticulous like a good clear mascara.”

For the rest of us not blessed with fuller brows, not to fear. Nadine offers this tip for skimpier brows: “Fill [your brows] in with two brow pencils, one the color of your brows and one a shade darker,” she says. “To really step it up, wet a stiff angled brow brush in water before you dip it into a brow shadow, then fill in your brows, slightly exaggerating and extending them. Take a brow gel and brush the inner brow hairs towards the opposite brow, brush the middle section upward, and the tail outward toward your ears.”