VS Angel Selfies We’re Jealous Of

Victoria’s Secret Angels are rich, famous, well-travelled, and often seen with some serious eye candy (and we’re not talking about their diamond-encrusted bras). If you’re feeling a little jealous, we don’t blame you — because so are we. But even though they are called angels, we have to always remind ourselves that they’re human, too. In many ways, they’re just like us: they eat pizza or Nutella (or both at the same time), take tourist-y pictures, go to the beach to escape the heat, and most of all, they Instagram their experiences (although I have to admit, they may have a little more than my 350 or so IG followers).

While it’s no use comparing our #SelfieSunday-captioned bathroom mirror pics with their seemingly effortless self-portraits (and don’t beat yourself up, these are professional models — they make bank off of their perfect poses), it’s always fun to stalk our favorite beauties and take a peek at their lives off the runway. Alas, we’ve saved you the hours of endless scrolling and IG-account hopping by compiling selfies from some our favorite former and current VS Angels. Click through to gush over these angelic ladies in their natural state and decide for yourself which pics are your favorite (or which ones make you green with envy). After that, we have one more challenge for you: show yourself some love and take your very own supermodel-status selfie because hey, you’re awesome! #werk