A Valentine’s Day Nail Idea Straight from the Red Carpet

We got the step-by-step on Meghan Trainor's Grammy Awards Nail Look

A Valentine's Day Nail Idea Straight from the Red Carpet

While everyone else was busy obsessing over the designer gowns, hair and makeup at this year’s Grammys (okay, we did that, too), we couldn’t help but take note of singer Meghan Trainor’s perfect-for-Valentine’s-Day mani. Working with Red Carpet Manicure polishes, celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees gave us the how-to, below:

1. Prep the nails by filing, buffing, shaping into a point.

2. Apply Red Carpet Manicure Clingy Base Coat and let dry.

3. Apply a coat of Red Carpet Manicure Nervous with Anticipation and let dry. Repeat with a second coat.

4. Using a nail art striper brush, place a small dot of Red Carpet Manicure Glitz & Glamorous to the free edge — this tip marks the center of the heart.

5. Next, play a little game of connect the dots, using a nail art striper brush to pull the color up to an even arch on both sides.

6. Color inside the lines using Red Carpet Manicure Glitz & Glamorous and let dry.

7. Apply Red Carpet Manicure Shine On Coat and let dry.