Hazel-Eyed Celebrity Makeup

Tired of being asked what color your eyes are? Oh stop whining. We know you secretly get a kick out of it. And in case you wanted to know the official definition, hazel eyes are reddish- or greenish-brown … meaning like those shifty Twilight vampires, you get to change your eye color at will. (We’re so freakin’ jealous.)

Hazel-eyed celebrities are like surgery-free faces in Hollywood — a fascinating and rare find. We were psyched to discover how our favorite hazel-eyed beauties, like Hilary Duff, use makeup to get their multicolored eyes to pop on camera — thanks to Emmy-winning celebrity makeup artist Patty Bunch (whose clients include Jennifer Aniston) and MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt, whose done every eye color in creation including Minnie Driver’s tiger-yellow eyes (and you thought hazel was rare). Other celebs with hazel eyes?

Camilla Belle, Kate Beckinsale, Tyra Banks, Rachel Weisz and Rihanna.

According to Arlt, most people with hazel eyes want them to look green, and there are a variety of shades, like purple and ochre, that will get them there. But the beauty of this eye color is that you can use makeup to magnify any color that’s hidden within them, from brown to green to gold.

As for what not to do, there’s not a whole lot to nag about except:

1. Use reds and blues with caution. These colors can make you look ill and dull your eye color, but done right, they can look romantic — even sexy. (You’ll see how in the gallery.)

2. Less is more. Your eye color takes very little to set it aglow. Cake on a harsh black smoky eye and risk burning it to a crisp.

Image: Getty Images