10 Best Makeup Stash Secrets

You know that TV show where clean freaks take someone’s disgustingly messy house and turn it around? The funniest part is seeing the looks on their faces when they walk in and step in a giant pile of trash right beyond the front door. That person? Me. That mess? You guessed it — my makeup drawer.

Yep, I’m a giant slacker about makeup organization. Don’t judge. This is a new realization for me. Picture it: Rooting around wildly for my perfect red Chanel lipstick this morning, I stumbled upon four unopened eyeshadows I forgot I even had. (I know, it’s pathetic. Fine. Permission to judge granted. Geez.)

And that got me thinking. Some women are so organized about their makeup collections — brushes all lined up, bins for mascaras, that kind of thing. How do they do it? And more importantly, how the heck do they keep it that way?

To find out, I stalked 10 organized chicks, and got them to take pictures of how they keep their makeup in line. Check them out on the next pages. And please, for my own sanity, if you have any killer tips on makeup organization we missed, share them in the comments section below.