10 Secrets to Zit-Free Skin

Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing giant pimples of Vesuvius proportions waiting to erupt on your face? It’s not a pretty picture. And to make matters even worse, you seem to remember spending your entire paycheck last month on skin care products that were supposed to clear up your acne. What’s up with that?!

You’re not nipping it in the bud, that’s what. Before you blow your savings on an entirely new skin care or makeup routine, stop and think about your most basic habits. When do you wash your face (and your hands)? What do you eat a lot of? How regular are your sleeping patterns? When women complain to their dermatologists about their problem skin, these are the types of simple questions they are normally asked first, before taking a deeper look. Usually, though, the answer can be found riiight on the surface. No, we’re not talking about the surface of your skin. We mean the fixes to your zits and acne are Right. In front of. Your face.

Still can’t see it? Here, we’ll lay it out for you. We dug up 10 very helpful tips to start with. Just doing these things can clear your face up in one short week. Seriously. OK, we don’t promise you’ll never have another zit, but you will see dramatic improvements. Aaaand these tips can also help prevent future breakouts. What have you got to lose?