Halle Berry’s Metallic Makeup

Even though she makes some seriously questionable acting choices (um, “Cat Woman,” anyone?), Halle Berry’s makeup always looks gorgeous. (We’re betting she has better taste in makeup artists than scripts.)

Obviously, it helps that is so freakin’ beautiful to begin with. Let’s face it, when you look like her you really don’t need much makeup at all. But of course she still wears some — and that natural-with-a-metallic-twist makeup look is what we’re looking to steal. We’ll pass on the spandex catsuit though.

For help recreating Halle Berry’s fab makeup look, we talked to celebrity makeup artist Brian Duprey (his clients include Rachel Bilson, among others) to teach us how to get her glowy skin, soft metallic eyeshadow and overall super-sexy makeup. Luckily, semi-natural makeup looks like this are actually a cinch to do. Just a few quick steps and people will be stopping you on the street, asking for your autograph. (Er, OK, probably not, but you will get some compliments and “I love your eyeshadow, how did you do it?” comments from your friends.)

Will copying the Oscar-winner’s makeup land you a spot on the red carpet? Maybe, maybe not. But we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t follow up an award-winning movie with a terrible James Bond flick and the worst Batman spin-off of all time. We’re just sayin’ …

Image: Getty Images