Jennifer Aniston’s Look in 10

Yep, in mere minutes even a total slacker can copy her natural makeup look

Jennifer Aniston's Look in 10

Admit it, you had “The Rachel” back in the day (or at least wanted to) and you were totally team Jen during the split. Only thing left to complete your celebrity style obsession: stealing her makeup tricks.

Luckily, you don’t need to risk a restraining order by sneaking into Aniston’s bathroom (way creepy), instead, why not just use these tips from celebrity makeup artist Colleen Runne, who has worked on stars like Natasha Bedingfield, Lee Ann Womack and Eve LaRue?

The best part about Jennifer Aniston’s makeup? It’s a timeless, classic look that actually works well for almost anyone — aaaannnndddd it takes less than 10 minutes to do. No wonder she has that “girl next door” rep, her makeup look alone makes her totally approachable. However, just because a celebrity seems like they’d be your perfect best friend, doesn’t mean you should plop down at her table at Nobu and start sharing your most recent break up story, it probably won’t end well. (Of course, we’re not speaking from experience, and anyway, it was STK not Nobu, waaaay different.)

Moving on, keep reading for the step-by-step to Aniston’s makeup — it’s so easy a Caveman could do it (sorry Geico, but your catch phrase was just too perfect, even though a Caveman would look ridiculous in Aniston’s makeup).

Image: Getty Images