Jennifer Aniston’s Look in 10

Yep, in mere minutes even a total slacker can copy her natural makeup look

Ardell Fashion Lashes

The real trick for red carpet eyes

For every day, you might opt out of these. But for a special occasion, Aniston tends to wear a few false lashes. Ardell Fashion Lashes, #110, $5.69 are so natural-looking, you might even forget you’re wearing them by the end of the night. “Trim the lash strip to the length of your natural eye width,” Runne says.

She also recommends applying a thin layer of lash glue to the strip and allowing the strip to set for 30 seconds before applying to your lids. Glue that is too wet and fresh can cause the false lashes to slip and slide, giving you a wonky, kinda drunk look. Press the strip to your lash lines, over the liner and allow to dry for five to 10 minutes. Follow up with one coat of mascara, it helps blend your real lashes in with the fake ones.