Jennifer Aniston’s Look in 10

Yep, in mere minutes even a total slacker can copy her natural makeup look

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Makeup Lip Liner

Nude, but not naked, lips

Line lips with a natural-toned liner (every person’s lip color is slightly different, so choose a shade that matches your lips or is only slightly darker). Runne suggests Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Makeup Lip Liner in Ginger Spice, $8. Then dab a touch of a clear gloss just to the center of your lips and press them together gently. “Try not to drag the gloss all over,” Runne says, you don’t want to cause a glare in pictures. Plus, leaving just the center glossed will make your lips appear sexier and fuller.

So you’ve nailed Aniston’s makeup look, now you just need a mega-popular TV show and semi-successful film career, shouldn’t be too hard …