Copy Rihanna’s Bold Eye Makeup

Rihanna is Fierce with a capital “F.” Her dance moves are Fierce. Her clothes are Fierce. And everyone knows Rihanna’s hairstyles are always Fierce. Really, we don’t think it’s possible to overstate her Fierce-ness, as everything about her just exudes strength and confidence — even her bold, bright eye makeup in shades we’re usually a little freaked out to try. (Orange eyeshadow? Uh, yeah, so fierce.)

Want to inject some fierceness into your look? Trying colorful eye makeup like Rihanna is an awesome first step. But since this can easily morph from hip Rihanna to tacky Rainbow Brite, we turned to Boston-based celebrity makeup artist Debra Macki, who has prettied-up the star in the past. Her simple makeup tips will give you the confidence to try out any color and rock it.

So which colors should you choose? Macki says that the right bright shade for you should complement your eye color as well as match the undertones in your skin. No matter what color you pick, go with a cool based or warm based version of that hue, depending on whether your skin tone is cool or warm. Check out her top picks:

1. To make blue eyes pop, try an orange shadow like MAC Eyeshadow in Orange, $14.50.

2. To highlight green or hazel eyes, try a purple shade like Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows in Purple Pop, $3.29.

3. “Brown eyes look beautiful in every color except brown,” Macki says. Go for a blue like Debra Macki Eye Shadow in “Girlie,” $19, which Macki has used on Rihanna.

Now keep reading to see how to pull off some of Rihanna’s best makeup looks.

Images: Getty Images