Copy Scarlett Johansson’s Look

They don’t come much hotter than Scarlett Johansson. Heck, “Esquire Magazine” once named her Sexiest Woman of the Year. So who wouldn’t want to steal some of her man-magnetness?

While we can’t guarantee that your own personal Ryan Reynolds will pop the question, or that Woody Allen will make you his next muse (the dude’s kinda creepy anyway — Woody, not Ryan), we can say that trying Scarlett Johansson’s celebrity style will probably at least get you a second glance from the cute guy at Starbucks. An hourglass figure wouldn’t hurt either, but that’s not really something we can teach.

Luckily, we can up your sexpot status with this step-by-step how-to for Scarlett Johansson’s best makeup looks. Celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein (who has glammed up Leighton Meester and Erin Wasson, among others) shows us how to do it.

One warning: Scarlett Johansson’s ultra-sexy makeup look does take some practice. Hey, no one said being a bombshell was easy. So don’t try this look for the first time five minutes before a hot date. Instead, mess around with it when you’ve got more time to wipe and reapply. Trust us though, you will nail it and be on your way to attracting gorgeous guys and weirdo filmmakers (sorry, goes with the territory).

Image: Getty Images