Copy Scarlett Johansson’s Look

How NOT to get lost in translation: sport cherry red lips and cat-like liner

Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick

Glamify your lips

Gerstein’s formula for perfect red lips:

Step 1: Line and fill in lips with a red pencil. “It helps correct any asymmetries your natural shape might have and creates a base for the lip color to cling to,” she says.

Step 2: Apply a rich, highly pigmented red lipstick to your lips, straight from the tube. As for color? We suggest a true red, like Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick in Classic Red, $5.99. Remember: “There really is no wrong red,” Gerstein says. “It’s like wine — you should just pick what you like.” She also says to blot your lips on a tissue after application, reapply, then blot again to get the densest, most matte application.