Steal Eva Mendes’ Sexy Makeup

You’ve seen the Calvin Klein ads with Eva Mendes, right? The ones where she looks impossibly sexy — and not just because she’s barely wearing anything?

Well, if you haven’t seen them (geez, pick up a magazine once in a while why don’tcha?), then here’s what you need to know about Eva Mendes:

1. She totally nails that sexy-without-trying look. Sure, the smokin’ hot bod and near-flawless face certainly help, but with her celebrity style it’s also about the laid-back, effortless vibe she puts out.

2. Her makeup may just be the sexiest thing about her. What’s the look? A classic combo of flawless skin, black-lined (but not over-the-top) eyes, and a totally kissable nude lip.

So while we may not all have Calvin Klein ad-worthy bodies, we can all try Eva Mendes’ makeup look — it works for all skin tones and face shapes. Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who works with Halle Berry, Nikki Reed and tons more, gives a few hints to match Eva Mendes’ sex-kitten makeup with your skin tone. She says to keep all makeup in warmer tones, and choose rose-gold for lighter skin, champagne hues for medium skin, and deeper copper for darker skin.

Plus, as if we weren’t lovin’ this look enough for it’s hotness, it’s also a breeze to do (which you’ll see on the next couple pages) and you can take the look from day to night in about two seconds: just add a bit more liner and an extra coat of lipgloss. Read on to see how to do this awesomely-sexy look.

Image: Getty Images