Steal Taylor Momsen’s Makeup

Spotted: Taylor Momsen, a.k.a.: “Gossip Girl’s” Jenny Humphrey, the skinny, stylish, sour-mouthed sister of Dan, as well as step sister to the Van Der Woodsen tag team of Eric and Serena, who is also Dan’s ex lover, though current step sibling. (Whew, got all that?)

What she’s wearing: Bold, statement-making makeup. We’re talking about over-the-top eyeshadow, liner and mascara, paired perfectly with a nude-meets-pink mouth. Sophisticated? Check. Chic? Obviously. Copy-catable? Totally.

How to steal it: All you need is a little know how (we’ve got you covered), a light lesson in the ‘dos and don’ts of smoky eye– and nude lip success (again, no problem: we’ll show you how) and some key products to equal eye-catching intensity and drama (you guessed it — we’ve got the winning options) for your fabulous face.

Why you should bother: “Taylor Momsen loves to play with makeup. She wears a risky, dark look, but any girl can make it her own with the right tools and tips,” says NYC-based celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass, who spends her days beautifying celebs like Debra Messing and Minnie Driver. So whether you currently spend hours at the mirror, playing with intense blue, black and gunmetal shades like Taylor Momsen, or are a virgin to the deep hues she rocks, we have the goof and fool-proof advice you’re seeking.

Prepare yourself: Start with a fun, who-cares attitude (crucial for this makeup, that and the pout she’s always sporting) and end like Constance’s Queen, Jenny — dressed to kill (in makeup). Now just read on for the step-by-step and get ready to wow with this celebrity style guide.

Image: PR Photos