Steal Taylor Momsen’s Makeup

L'Oreal Paris HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon

Coloring outside of the lines

To get the exact smeared smoky eye, which pops on Taylor, use a beefy, cream-based crayon. We suggest one that’s flexible, allowing you to smudge it accordingly, like L’Oreal Paris HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon, $4.99. The best way to exaggerate your already-lined eyes is to:

Step 1: Choose a color (there are four to pick from in the L’Oreal line) that is different from basic black — perhaps a blue or green version.

Step 2: Follow the line you created with your liquid liner (which should be dry now) to enhance the look.

Step 3: Add a bit more to your inner eye corner, then smudge it across the lid — staying close to the lashline.