Steal Taylor Momsen’s Makeup

MAC Powder Blush

Making you blush

The most flattering final touch to Taylor’s terrificly-dramatic makeup? A delicate dusting of powder blush. We suggest MAC Powder Blush, $18.50. For the most natural flush, just:

Step 1: Choose a hue that’s pink based and pops slightly — subtly — against your skin tone. For example, if your complexion is similar to Taylor Momsen’s, try Coygirl. If it’s more olive, opt for Prism. If it’s darker, pick Desert Rose.

Step 2: Sweep the blush from the apples of your cheeks up along the bone toward your ears.

Step 3: Add a tad more blush to the apples, and blend it upward. Now step outside and wait for your fans to swarm.