Perfect Job Interview Look

Get an edge (and hopefully a job!) with these foolproof tips from hair, makeup and career experts

Job Interview Makeup Meltdown

Keep your look from going into meltdown

Dedivanovic has a few more tips to keep your look polished — even when you’re sweating bullets during a grueling interview:

Tip 1: Be sure to apply eyeshadow before under-eye concealer. Usually you’ll have shadow that falls, so you’ll want to clean that up before covering it with concealer. Dedivanovic says it’ll go a long way in making you look sophisticated.

Tip 2: Keep eyeliner or anything else from running down your face by setting your under-eye concealer with translucent powder on a damp sponge. Dip the sponge in the powder and press on and around your eyes, making sure to get close to the lower lash line. This will prevent any oily or wet makeup from running. And when you’re all done with your makeup, lightly mist your face with a product like Dream Organics Organic Rose Water, $12. It smells great and will help set your makeup and give you a glow.

Tip 3: Avoid these makeup don’ts to keep yourself from looking cheap or too young: Save any glittery products for the club and skip bubblegum pink lipsticks and glosses — they scream “little girl.” And please avoid Dedivanovic’s biggest pet peeve (he promises to thank you later): foundation that doesn’t match your skin. “If you’re not going to blend face makeup, you might as well just wear a mask,” he says.

Tip 4: If you’re really worried about your makeup sliding off during an interview, apply a primer before any makeup and keep blotting papers (like Tatcha Blotting Papers, $12) in your purse to soak up any shine (use one right before you go into the building).