Perfect Job Interview Look

Get an edge (and hopefully a job!) with these foolproof tips from hair, makeup and career experts

Job Interview Perfect Fragrance

You may look great, but how do you smell?

So you’ve got your clothes, hair and makeup down, but there are still a few more appearance details you don’t want to forget.

One, skip the heavy fragrance. Worst case scenario: your interviewer is allergic to your perfume and spends the whole time sneezing — not good. Try using a scented body wash and deodorant to keep you smelling fresh instead of spritzing on a fragrance.

Last thing, make sure your hands and nails are well-groomed (you will be shaking hands after all). Stay away from crazy colored nail polish unless you’re interviewing for a creative position. Just keep your nails short, filed neatly and either polish free or in a light shade — and make sure there are no chips!

Now that you look awesome, you can focus on the actual interview — we’re sure you’ll nail it.