Perfect Job Interview Look

Get an edge (and hopefully a job!) with these foolproof tips from hair, makeup and career experts

Job Interview Perfect Accessories

Accessories make the woman

Here’s the key to interview dressing: take a very simple, conservative outfit (like the navy blue suit) and add some personal flair to it with accessories. Basically, you want to wear a professional, non-offensive outfit, but not be so bland that your interviewer couldn’t pick you out of a line-up five minutes after meeting you.

Frankel says accessories are the way to do it. Pick something that’s not too garish (she says pearls are perfect), but will show your personality.

For an extra edge: Pick a scarf or piece of jewelry that has a story behind it. That way when your interviewer says “I like your necklace,” you can follow up with “thanks, I got it on vacation in Italy” or “my grandmother gave it to me for graduation.” Bam, you’ve instantly become more human, friendly and personal in their eyes.