Perfect Job Interview Look

Job Interview Bad Accessories

Accessories can also break the woman

It’s easy to go overboard (like Jennifer Lopez’s necklace here) trying to spice up your conservative outfit, so use Frankel’s trick. Stand in front of a mirror and turn your back to it. Quickly turn around and look in the mirror. The first thing you notice, remove, it’ll be too distracting during your interview. (Pretty sure Coco Chanel did this too, although we don’t think she went on many job interviews.)

Frankel says that while you want to show your personality with your look, you don’t want to do anything that will “de-select you” from the process. That skull ring that you think is ironic and cute? It may just cost you the job. The rare exception: creative fields like marketing or design. Those jobs expect you to look unique, so you can go a little wilder with your look, but still keep it classy.