Perfect Job Interview Look

Get an edge (and hopefully a job!) with these foolproof tips from hair, makeup and career experts

Job Interview No Roots

Roots: A big ol’ no-no

True, hair that is in desperate need of a color touch-up shows that you’re in desperate need of a job (and some cash), but is that really the look you want to present at an interview?

Brown says if you can’t afford to get your hair colored every six weeks then you should use a color that’s closer to your natural hue so roots aren’t as noticeable.

Bonus tip for blondes: Brown says it’s best to go with neutral, wheat or butter tones of blonde since these are flattering for most skin tones. Extreme ashy, platinum or golden blondes can look cheap if they don’t work with your skin tone. (Note: you do not want to look cheap at a job interview.)