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Prom Makeup Look: Smoky Eyes

Do: Keep your smoky eyes in check

Not excited about wearing lipstick? OK … you can try a smoky eye, but pretty please use these tips:

1. Babaian says the easiest way to do it is to wrap your eyes with one eyeshadow color. Instead of harsh black though, try grey, gold, bronze, blue or purple — whatever will go with your dress.

2. Apply your eyeshadow along your lash line all around then smudge it slightly with a tiny eyeshadow brush and extend the corners out very slightly past your eyes.

3. If you want to up the sexiness, try lining your inner rims with black eyeliner.

4. Add some light shimmery shadow to your inner corners but skip your brow bone — it looks messy.

5. Finish up with lots of mascara (seriously, a lot) and a very light colored pink or peach lipgloss.