Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Ever checked out the lipstick table at Sephora? OK, OK, of course you have, sorry. There are approximately 3,405,982 different lipstick colors last time we checked. (This may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.) So how the heck do you pick the right one?

The answer is obvious: find the lipstick that works best with your skin tone. That way you’ll have a super-flattering shade that you know rocks. Finding the lip color that’s made for your skin tone is not quite as simple, unfortunately. That’s why we recruited MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton to help a girl out.

Stapleton says that ultimately you should wear whatever shades make you feel beautiful, but he also gave us the dos and don’ts of picking the right lip colors for your skin.

So read on to find your skin tone and the lip colors that go best with it (not to mention the shades you should avoid as much as the “punch” at a frat party). In the meantime, check out these work-for-everyone lip tips:

1. If you can’t afford the trendy dress of the season, chances are you can afford the hot lip color, so use it to change up your look.

2. To make your lips look bigger, gloss ’em up. You can also apply a pearlized highlighter in the bow of your lip for a boost (he recommends MAC Strobe Liquid, $29.50).

3. General lippy rule: the darker the color, the smaller your lips will look (same goes for your eyes). The lighter and brighter, the larger they’ll seem.