Your Best Fragrance Horoscope

Have you ever thought of picking your fragrance based on your horoscope? If not, now you’re probably wondering, “Why the heck would anyone do that?”

Think about it. A spritz of perfume in your hot spots (between your breasts, in the crook of the elbow, even behind the knee) can make you feel soo good about yourself. But spraying the wrong scent in those areas? Instead of driving the guys wild, it’ll drive them away. Far, far away.

The best way to smell sexy and alluring to those around you is by picking a fragrance based on your star sign. We spoke to astrology guru Michele Bernhardt, creator and founder of and author of the book “Colorstrology,” who says when you’re born under a particular sign, you’re destined to fill certain characteristics of that sign. Are you a Gemini? You’re probably known as the chatty one. A Capricorn? People see you as reliable and responsible. And if you’re an Aries, of course you’re a natural leader.

Whether you’re fun, quirky, dependable or shy, you want to enhance those qualities with your unique personality. “You can use a scent to help you with that,” Bernhardt says. Our fragrance horoscope gives you customized scent recommendations, and it also includes the notes to look for, in case you’re feeling adventurous and want to pick your own perfume.

And even if you don’t believe in picking anything based on your star sign, our fragrance horoscope can still come in handy — maybe you’re looking for a new scent or just want to get your guy’s pulse going. Either way, you can find the best match for you.