13 Secrets from Photo Shoots

You’ve probably heard about and seen all the Photoshop controversy when it comes to photo shoots. It’s no surprise; since that little computer program can do everything from erase a pimple to give a plus-sized gal a swimsuit model body (although often with less-than-realistic results).

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But, Photoshop isn’t the only trick up celebs’ sleeves, heck; it’s not even the best one. That’s why we grilled hairstylists, makeup artists and fashion stylists to find out what really goes on behind the scenes at photo shoots. Who spilled: Byron Williams of the Byron and Tracey Salon in Los Angeles, New York City based hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan, New York City based makeup artist Quinn Murphy, Miami based makeup artist Marissa Nemes, and fashion editor and stylist Stephanie Prommer.

And because they’re all awesome, they gave us the full scoop on tricks and secrets from photo shoots. Not only that, they gave us tons of tips that us “real women” can use at home. Everything from ways to get your hair and makeup to last through a 10-hour shoot (or, er, a late night partying), to the perfect poses to hide everything from less-than-toned arms to a double chin (yep, even models and celebrities need to use these methods sometimes). The bottom line is that practically anyone can look model pretty — once they know these secrets.

Try them out, have a friend snap some photos and marvel at the difference. Pretty sure your Facebook profile pic just got a whoooole lot better. Click here to see photo shoot secrets.