What Guys Think of Your Makeup

You may remember that awhile back we asked real men what they think about the hairstyles most of us wear. The answers were, in a word, shocking. For one, we never realized guys even cared that much about the styles we chose, but it turns out they do. They also have some pretty strong opinions about what they think is sexy. Of course, this doesn’t just go for hair.

That’s why we decided to ask them about our makeup too. We picked nine common makeup looks — smoky eyes, red lips, the “no makeup” look and more — and asked more than 50 men for their brutally honest opinions. And once again, these guys didn’t hold back. They shared the makeup looks they can’t get enough of, and the ones they wish we’d never, ever wear again.

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Alas, much like our hair survey, not all guys were in agreement on which looks they loved. Some went nuts over eyeliner and bright lips, while others deemed them “scary.” They did manage a consensus on some looks though, so if you’re looking for makeup tips that’ll drive guys crazy (or just drive them away) then look no further.

Editors note: You may notice that the women we used as examples for the makeup looks are all kind of, uh, white and blonde. This was not to leave out the brunette and redhead gals, but was actually our attempt at being somewhat scientific. We figured if all the women looked similar, then guys would be able to judge them only on their makeup, rather than their hair color and skin tone.

Click here to see what men really think about your makeup.