What Guys Think of Your Makeup

Wonder what's going through his head when you rock false lashes or red lips? Prepare to be shocked

makeup drawer

Bottom line: What guys love and hate

Almost unanimously, the guys we asked say they loved “a more natural look.” One smart guy sums it up: “Less is more. Complement your attributes, don’t mask them.” Well, that should save us all some time in the morning.

Of course, there are a few guys that like more daring makeup looks: “Colors! F*&$! subtlety.” And another adds, “[I] always love red lips.”

And the makeup looks that scare them away: Basically, too much of anything. “I REALLY don’t like over done eyes and over tanned skin.” And another adds, “I hate when foundation or powder or concealer or whatever is caked on.” The product they seem to dislike the most: lipstick.

So should you totally change your makeup looks to please these guys? Heck no! However, it is nice to know that you can skip makeup for a day and still look way hot in guys’ eyes. And ultimately, we say if a guy can’t approach you while you’re sporting a smoky eye or red lip, then he’s probably not man enough to handle you anyway. Don’t you agree?