8 Celebs We’d Swap Lives With

Yep … it’s time for that discussion. No, not the “list” of celebrities you would sleep with (“FRIENDS,” anyone?). Just the ones you would choose if you could swap lives with them for a day. Or forever, whatever.

And the point of this little game? Well, it gives us something to talk about. Who doesn’t love dreaming about their pseudo-celebrity life? Other than that, there is no point. Besides having a little bit of fun. And we could all use more of that.

So let’s get started. Need help deciding? I came up with my own list of celebrities with lives I always find myself going green-eyed monster over. (Don’t steal any of my choices, but use them as inspiration to start your own list, you hear?)

Click here to see the stars we’d love to swap lives with

From Kim Kardashian to Drew Barrymore (along with a few surprise celebs in between), there are several reasons why these celebs made the list. They’re super gorgeous, have great senses of style and just live overall perfect lives. Sure, they hit little bumps along the way, but that’s what makes them even more likeable.

Obviously, the fact that every celeb in Hollywood lives a pretty fab life doesn’t help in ruling very many people out. But we finally narrowed it down, so check out the top 8 celebrities we’d love to be.

Love this idea? Leave your own list below in the comments section. And hey, whatever “list” you decide to go with, we won’t judge. As long as you have fun with it.