Real Women: With/Without Makeup

Confession: Sometimes I get super lazy with makeup. Especially on vacation or the weekends, I tend to skip it all together or go for the bare minimum. But that’s also when I tend to take lots of pictures. (I’m not exactly busting out the camera at work, you know?) Later when I look through them, I kind of wished I had taken the time to swipe on a little blush or something.

If you’ve ever doubted the effect makeup can have, wait until you see these photos. We asked 13 real women to send us two pictures: one of them with a full face of makeup and one where they’re not wearing any at all. And while every single one of them looks fantastic without makeup (seriously, I’m pretty jealous), the difference a little foundation, mascara and lipstick make is astounding.

Don’t believe me? Click here to see 13 women with and without makeup.

Now, does this mean that you should never leave the house without a full face of foundation? Of course not. The natural look is awesome — not to mention time saving. But when a special occasion rolls around (a wedding, party, big date), you can look to these photos as proof that a little effort does pay off in a major way.

Keep clicking to see real women with and without makeup, and get tips to add to your makeup routine. Then tell us, would you be brave enough to show a picture of yourself without any makeup on? Why or why not?