13 Hair and Makeup Life Savers

These beauty tips will have you out the door in mere minutes with gorgeous hair, flawless nails and makeup to die for — sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! Tell ’em all about it, Don.

OK, sorry for the wacky ad pitch up there (I don’t even know anyone named Don), I’m just so psyched to share these tips with you. Backstage at Fashion Week, hair, nail and makeup artists are working miracles — and I harassed, er, politely asked them to share their tips and secrets. True, they’re prepping gorgeous models with hair and makeup that is more avant-garde than “trip to the grocery store,” but there’s still a ton we can learn from these beauty tips.

Click here to see life saving hair, makeup and nail secrets.

The best part is that all these hair, makeup and nail tips will save you time, get you looking fab (even if you’re working with four hours of sleep or a wicked hangover), and are all so simple you’ll probably slap your forehead and mutter “why didn’t I think of that?” each time you read one. (For your own sake, try to keep the forehead slapping to a minimum, it’s not good for your complexion.)

So what kind of stuff are we talking here? How about a hairstyle that literally takes two minutes to do (yeah, I timed the hairstylist, I’m weird like that), an eyeliner shade that will make you look instantly awake (and no, it’s not the color you’re thinking of), and a chic manicure you can create just by taking off your polish (seriously).

So what are you waiting for? Click here to see life saving hair, makeup and nail secrets.