Beauty Brands for Breast Cancer

Raise your hand if you love spending all your time in the beauty aisle. What about supporting a good cause? OK fine. The color pink? Thought so. This is totally the month for you.

Why? Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This means tons of brands are stocking up on their best, and pinkest beauty products. Some of these are limited-edition goodies, only sold once a year during this time. Others are specially featured to raise money for a variety of breast cancer organizations, and the brand donates a portion (or all) of the proceeds to cancer research.

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So not only will the beauty aisle be filled with gorgeous pink products that you can pamper yourself with, you’ll actually be helping women by buying them. There’s everything from makeup, hair products, key chains and fun storewide events.

But before you hit the stores, check out a few stats and helpful tips from The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and The American Cancer Society:

• On average, a woman dies from breast cancer every 13 minutes.

• All women over 40 should get an annual mammogram and an annual clinical breast exam. And women 20 to 39 should get an exam at least every three years.

• Women with a family history of breast cancer or who have had breast cancer should have an additional mammogram throughout the year.

Good to know, right? Spread the word to your family and friends this month. OK, now you can check out this list and get ready for some serious shopping. All for a cause, of course.

Click here to see the entire list of products