What Your Nails Say About You

OK, here goes. My biggest, baddest secret? I used to bite my nails.

Then my first trip to the nail salon happened, and I was a changed woman. Getting my first manicure finally put a stop to the habit, starting a new obsession in its place — playing around with my nail shape. I learned how to use a nail file like a pro, and I began experimenting with my own nails.

That’s how I found out that the accessorization of nails (I may have just made that word up) really says a lot about you. Surprised? I was too. Everything from the shape of your nails to the color you paint them shows off your personality. So whether you like it or not, your hands have a lot to say about you.

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I talked to CND Nail Professional and Education Training Manager, Roxanne Valinoti, to see what she had to say about the topic. She agreed that your nails are “definitely an expression of [your] personal style,” and she took me through the different shapes, sizes and accessorization (yeah, I used it again) of nails. She also gave me some great tips to maintaining your nails (as well as some super cool trends for the winter).

And if you’re at all curious, all those years of experimenting with my nails paid off, because I finally found my perfect nail shape — long and oval, with a splash of color. Perfect for my personality.

Click here to see what your nails say about you