The Real Deal on False Lashes

No matter how much mascara I apply, it never looks like I have eyelashes in photos — super annoying. So I finally decided to break down and try false eyelashes.

Why hadn’t I tried them before? Frankly, false lashes scare the beejeezus out of me. I get weirded out by eye things (it’s a miracle I can curl my lashes or apply eyeliner) so the thought of gluing something to my eyelid — and all the potential problems that could ensue — has kept me away from the falsies.

Click here to see how to apply false eyelashes.

My first attempt at putting on false eyelashes was not exactly a success: I bought a pair, then preceded to leave them under my bathroom sink for about two years. Needless to say, my eyelashes didn’t look any longer in photos with that method.

Next, I had a makeup artist put them on for me. Despite some major eye watering (I told you, I have eye issues), the lashes stayed on and looked fantastic. Finally, you could see actual long eyelashes in photos, hooray!

Buuuut, since I don’t have a makeup artist in my entourage (or rather, an entourage at all, yet), I still needed to learn how to put these dang false lashes on by myself. Enter the makeup gurus: MAC Senior Artist Fred Vellon, and founder of Kre-At Beauty (available at Barneys) and author of “Style Eyes” Taylor Chang-Babaian. They held my hand — er, not literally — and walked me through the ins and outs of false eyelashes. With their tips I can actually apply false lashes on my own two eyes — and so can you if you just keep on reading. Come on, you know I wouldn’t keep these awesome tips to myself.

Click here to see how to apply false eyelashes.