The Real Deal on False Lashes

What to buy, how to apply and ways to make fake eyelashes look convincing -- and stunning

how to apply false eyelashes

Step 3: Deep Breath and … Apply

OK, this is the critical part, you know, actually putting the lashes on. But it’s really not so bad, just follow these steps:

1. Before using the glue, apply the lashes to your lids to see how they fit. Your lashes shouldn’t poke your eyes at all; if they are then they’re too long. Trim them to the right length.

2. Hold your strip of lashes and apply a thin strip of glue at the base.

3. Wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky; it will keep your lashes from sliding around on your lids.

4. Use your fingers or tweezers/applicator to press the lashes into the base of your lash line. Start at the outer corner and work your way in. Gently press down to keep the glue from bubbling up.

5. Give the glue about two minutes to dry, then curl your lashes (real and fake) with your eyelash curler. This will get the strip even closer to the lash line and help mesh your real lashes with the fake ones for a more natural look. Plus, it reduces the tension on your eyelids and makes them feel more comfy, Babaian says.