The Real Deal on False Lashes

What to buy, how to apply and ways to make fake eyelashes look convincing -- and stunning

individual false eyelashes

Individual Lashes: A Great Alternative

Usually when you think false lashes you think of the one-piece strip, but individual lashes (basically small groups of lashes) are another option. While they’re more time consuming, since you’re applying small groups instead of one big one, they can be easier. With a full strip you have to get it pressed perfectly without any “bubbling,” not the case with individuals. Vellon says how to apply them:

1. Hold each individual lash with tweezers and dip the tip into the glue.

2. Wait a couple seconds for the glue to get tacky, then press them on to your lash line, wiggling them in between your natural lashes. Repeat with as many as you want.

Tip: Make sure you apply mascara before putting individual lashes in, it will give the glue more to grip to, Babaian says.