The Real Deal on False Lashes

What to buy, how to apply and ways to make fake eyelashes look convincing -- and stunning

paris hilton false eyelashes

Watch these False Lash Pitfalls

Of course, even if you follow our little step-by-step to the letter you still might run into some problems. Here are Vellon and Babaian’s tips:

1. Pay attention to symmetry. You want them both to end and start at the same point on your lashline. Remember that you can always trim lashes if they’re too big for your eyes.

2. Don’t let your lashes droop, or you’ll get some Paris Hilton, lazy-eye action going. Curling them will help with this.

3. If you plan on reusing your strip of lashes (individual ones usually can’t be reused) don’t apply mascara to them. Just use a more dramatic pair so you don’t need mascara on the false lashes.

4. Do not sleep in your false lashes, it’s bad for your eyes and real lashes. Instead, at the end of the night, use a silicone eye makeup remover and a q-tip to gently remove them. Start at the outer corner and roll them to the inner corner.

5. Don’t wash your false lashes, it will only ruin them.