Beauty Tips to Look Thinner

From the best slenderizing hairstyles to the quickest makeup secrets, get the skinny on how to look thinner without all the hard work

jennifer aniston layers

Hair tip #3: Add layers

We know, we said not to go poker straight in the previous slide, But you can work straight hair to your advantage — if you have layers. A straight, one-length hairstyle tends to make the face look fuller, because it “creates a geometric hard line,” says NYC-based hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins. (That’s the opposite of what you really want, which is to add dimension and give your hair movement.)

What to do: Add layers near your cheekbones to highlight your bone structure and minimize a round face. Also scatter in a few layers below your chin to get a super slimming look like Jennifer Aniston’s. Now you can rock the sleek and slim look at the same time.